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SCOE Produces CD Detailing Ethnic Diversity of Sacramento

4,000 Discs to Be Distributed to Libraries and Elementary Schools

David Meaney and Andrea Willis with shipping boxes

Superintendent Meaney and SCOE Project Manager Andrea Key Willis stand with large shipping boxes full of the newly arrived CDs, titled People of Sacramento Archives, which will be distributed to Sacramento libraries and elementary schools.

Thanks to a unique partnership of the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE), the Sacramento Commission of History and Science, and the Sacramento Archives and Museum Collection Center, area schools and libraries will now have a unique, hi-tech link to local history.

The research library allows users to find available resources based on a simple but sophisticated database search. For example, you could find all the photos depicting Dutch business activities between 1860 and 1890, or search for a family name in a certain city. A written local history and lesson plans linked to the CD are also available.

"By putting a familiar and friendly face on an extremely powerful, yet easy to use, research tool, the new CD makes it possible for just about anyone to find historic photos and images that once would have taken many hours of scholarly research by professionals to locate," said James Henley, manager of the History and Science Division of Sacramento City-County. "Using their computer and our new CD, students and scholars can instantly identify and access more than 1,000 historic photographs and maps."

"Lured by the Gold Rush, people from many countries and ethnic backgrounds came to the Sacramento-area in search of wealth, leaving us with an extraordinarily rich legacy today," commented Richard Glovin, co-chair of the Sacramento Commission of History and Science Cultural Survey Committee. "The 'People of Sacramento Archives' CD provides us with a fun and exciting new way to appreciate that legacy."

To purchase your copy of the People of Sacramento Archives CD, contact James Henley at (916) 264-7072.