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Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

This page contains resources for setting up multi-factor authentication for Office 365, SCOE's e-mail and calendar system. CNTS has prepared a Getting Started/Overview document for your reference and is conducting workshops to help staff understand this feature.

About Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an extra security step that confirms a user's identity by asking for two or more pieces of evidence (or factors)—typically a password plus an additional code—sometimes known as two-factor authentication. Even if a user's password is compromised, unauthorized users can't access the account without the second factor being sent to them.

Microsoft gives users several ways to receive the secondary code. Setup instructions are provided below for receiving codes by text message, telephone call, or dedicated authenticator software. Users may choose any of the three options.

SCOE Timeline

SCOE will activate multi-factor authentication for all accounts on February 26, 2018. All current users are encouraged to manually enable MFA before 2/26/18. New accounts created after this date will automatically have MFA enabled.

Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for Your Account

To set up MFA prior to 2/26/18, you will need to manually enable the feature:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in using your SCOE user ID and password
  3. Click the "Enable Multi-Factor Authentication" button at the bottom of the page

After you enable MFA, choose how you would like to receive your secondary code (text, phone, or authenticator app) and follow the corresponding instructions:

Logging In With Multi-Factor Authentication

CNTS has prepared a video highlighting the process of logging in using MFA after you have enabled it for your account.

Changing Your Settings Later

To change your MFA settings (such as re-registering the app or changing phone numbers), log into the Microsoft Office 365 MFA Update page using your SCOE e-mail address and password.

Additional Resources

Requesting Support

For assistance with enabling multi-factor authentication, contact your CNTS support person or the CNTS Help Desk: (916) 228-2363 or CNTS is also conducting workshops to help staff understand this feature.

Screenshot showing 2-Step Verification options

Microsoft allows users to receive authentication codes by text message, telephone call, or dedicated authenticator software.

Additional Resources