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Sacramento County Office of Education Sacramento County Office of Education

Sacramento Countywide Foster Youth Services

​The Sacramento Countywide Foster Youth Services (FYS) Program is part of a statewide system of programs established to make educational support services available to every California child or youth residing in a group home or licensed foster home.

Most children placed in foster care have suffered trauma as a result of parental neglect or abuse. The trauma, coupled with the need to adjust to new environments in a residential and educational setting, often places numerous stressors on the child that may compromise their ability to adjust to new educational expectations and curricula. The experiences of foster care can be overwhelming and incapacitating, hindering their ability to learn. Research studies have demonstrated foster youth are more likely to repeat one or more grades, are twice as likely to drop out of school as non-foster youth, and are less likely to earn a high school diploma.

Working collaboratively with local school districts, health and human services agencies, probation, courts, foster care agencies, and other interested groups and individuals, the FYS program uses evidence-based strategies and promising practices to transform the dismal statistics for children in Sacramento. The goals of the FYS program include:

  • expediting the transfer of educational records
  • providing support to struggling students
  • strengthening the collaboration among partners
  • implementing innovative programs to improve academic achievement

In addition to the Countywide Foster Youth Services program, three school districts in Sacramento County have "core" Foster Youth Services Programs and provide direct services to foster youth. Core partners include: Elk Grove Unified School District, Sacramento City Unified School District, and San Juan Unified School District.

Contact Information​​

Foster Youth Services Program
Sacramento County Office of Education
P.O. Box 269003
Sacramento, CA 95826-9003
(916) 228-2419 or fax: (916) 228-2676

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