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Employees of the Month Recognition

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Sacramento County Board of Education celebrates the accomplishments and exemplary service of SCOE employees through the Employee Recognition Program. Parents, colleagues, and community members wishing to recommend a non-management staff member for consideration as a SCOE Employee of the Month may submit a nomination form​. Please contact the Communications Office for more information: (916) 228-2417.




















  • December: Betty Wilhelm and Lewis Caro
  • November: Holly Renshaw and Kathy Johnson
  • October: Erika Franzon and John Campos
  • September: Charlotte Barcellos and Jeannette Nardinelli
  • August: Kris Silbaugh and Tom Neary
  • July: Elida Miller and Bonita Keisler
  • June: Vicki Aldridge and Linda Titherington
  • May: Lorie Jones and Dan Leonard
  • April: Robert Ratsch and Audra Grellmann
  • March: Terry Ferguson and Christina Charbonneau
  • February: Randi Knutson and Cheryl Bremson
  • January: Claudia Golsong and Kirsten Sapp


  • December: Marilyn King and Bob Barnes
  • November: Charlotte Pitts and David Welsh
  • October: Lori Samson and Mary McCart
  • September: Martin Harris and Alice Williams
  • August: Todd Humphrey and Melissa Bazos
  • July: Terry Esparza and Judith Yamamoto
  • June: Elizabeth Keema-Aston and Bill Scott
  • May: Linda Ponce and Jeanne Baldwin
  • April: Michael Munyon and Bernadette Kerwin
  • March: Lynn Kinghorn and Lee Shoemaker
  • February: Kim Cummings and Earl Hastings
  • January: Joyce Vossler and Cristina Romero


  • December: Linda Koontz and Terry Moylan
  • November: James Herbert and Mary Larson
  • October: Sharon Araki and Roy McCarty
  • September: Ann Pickens and Jules Gruen
  • August: Cindy Kennedy and Patty Salcedo
  • July: Barbara Gooch and Joy Bonds-Baird
  • June: Cheryl Young and Ed Watkins
  • May: Melinda Holt and Jim Smalley
  • April: Rod Dark and Lana Gregori
  • March: Tracy Powers and Jane Ericson
  • February: Brenae Wilson and Bill Bertram
  • January: Sherry Arnold and Frank Lopez**


  • December: Julian Kuan and Mary Fredericksen
  • November: Ralph Boothe and Brad Hulan
  • October: Makeda Blackwell and Gina Guarneri
  • September: Heidi Powers and Dan Calhoun
  • August: Tom Adams and Denora Watts-Porter
  • July: Lois Sissom and Susan Moorehead
  • June: Pat Garlinghouse and Joe Kozel
  • May: Mary Jacino and Aileen Nitta
  • April: John Burge and Alan Clark
  • March: Michael Slater and Sue Matthews
  • February: Marlies Rodarmel and Katrina Lee
  • January: Julia Holt and Marla Nakano


  • December: Marie Shelton and Trudy Mazer
  • November: Paul Roesch and Marianne Quinn
  • October: Curtis Breckinridge and Michelle DeMenno
  • September: Bill Straus and Steve Caballero
  • August: Von Bedford and Terry Kornelly
  • July: Carole Haile and Mary Jayne Weil
  • June: Suzanne Fletcher and Elizabeth Offenbecher
  • May: Rebecca Taylor and John Ketelhut
  • April: Debra Montoya and Stephen Hopkins
  • March: Polly Wakefield and Sheila Shimada
  • February: Terrell Smith and Cathy Brandalise
  • January: Claudia Caspar and Ann Marie Haverkamp


  • December: Lisa Hastings and Stephen Turner
  • November: Patricia Robinson and Michael Lewis
  • October: Peggy Adams and Terry (Terrence) Moylan
  • September: Alan Griffin* and Angie Rivera
  • August: Erika Franzon and Michael Trainor
  • July: Debra Hickey and Sharon Holstege*
  • June: Maribeth Krueger and Karen George
  • May: June Sommer and Carol Guardia
  • April: Allie Patterson and John Webb
  • March: Candace Howell and Renee Mauricio
  • February: Stace Smithson and Jeannette Nardinelli
  • January: Roberta Bulmer and Henry "Hank" Cady


  • December: Imelda Slater and Dennis Cleary
  • November: Patricia Chord and Wanda Hansen
  • October: Nancy Johnson and Janice Nelson
  • September: Michelle Kerin and Kathleen Deaver
  • August: Catherine "Cathie" Young* and Dan Bridges
  • July: Karen Leal and Claudia St. John*
  • June: Halimdeen Shifa and Kenneth Lewis
  • May: Billie Rogers and Glenwyn Lawrence
  • April: Linda Wood and Victoria Chastain
  • March: Melissa A. Bell and Fred Elkins
  • February: Pamela J. Silva and David A. Welsh
  • January: Monna Michael and Thomas Damon, Jr.


  • December: Veronica Jones and Beverly Bell*
  • November: Carri Werve* and Johanna Gorski
  • October: Lynne "Liz" Walker and Marsha Cornwell
  • September: Pamela Fowler and Michael Laharty
  • August: Carole Galloway and Steve Lavezzo
  • July: Lorraine Bishop and Timothy Taylor**
  • June: Mary Kobashigawa and Maurean Whelan
  • May: Sandy Homa and Tom Woytus
  • April: Jean-Pierre Grelet and Ellen Covairt
  • March: Marcy Delavan and Earl Hastings
  • February: Terry Carson and Patrick Callahan
  • January: Angie Rivera and Lee Ramaley


  • December: Debroah Muller* and Margaret Bame
  • November: Phame Heisner and Gale Barlow
  • October: Gary Young and Doran Smout
  • September: Lisa Courtnier and Virgil Parrett
  • August: Loraine Zumbiel and Michael Bernardis
  • July: Michael Andrews and Lynn Coffland*
  • June: Elizabeth Ramaley and Gregg Schmidt
  • May: Alvin Abe* and Nancy Blackburn
  • April: Lois Sissom and Sue Ellen deMasi
  • March: George Steiger and Kathleen Mahan-Dotta*
  • February: Ilene Bowen and Ronald Gabria
  • January: Harriet Gitthens and Michelle DeMenno


  • December: Catherine Sisson and Nancy Zuckerman
  • November: Douglas Swaney-Simmons and Tim Mauldin
  • October: Mary Bastian and Jim Davis
  • September: Vicki Aldridge and Pam Balbiani
  • August: Melinda Holt and Gail Conley
  • July: Jane Eagan and Monique Melvin
  • June: Wynes Rankin and Christine Sloan-Mittiga
  • May: Gwen Boyd-Marshall and Fred Baker, Jr.
  • April: Debbie Calvello* and Nancy Vester
  • March: Carrie Nutter and Mary Ruth Bell**
  • February: Max Wicker and Leora Bautista-Hendricks
  • January: Nancy Adams and Carl Curtis


  • December: Maribeth Krueger and Jerrold Clark
  • November: Nina Johnson and Jennifer Hale
  • October: Bonnie Roberson and Gayvonne Cheney
  • September: Sharon Jones and Cary Spiker
  • August: Patrick Murphy and Hal Fanslow
  • July: Charlene McKinney and George Robert Brown, Jr.*
  • June: Emma Shahda and Eileen Steinberg
  • May: Sheila Andrews* and Victoria Chastain
  • April: Zelda Nappery and Frances Montemurro
  • March: Beth Flory and Lynnette Efken
  • February: Marie-Lou Silveira and Fred Elkins
  • January: Carolyn SanMiguel and Joseph Saculla


  • December: Cynthia Rios-Vint and Janelle Gee
  • November: Elly Barnhart and Sandra Simmons
  • September: Sharon Perdue and Gary Barker*
  • July: Sharon Loughlean and Melody Chapman
  • June: Joy Schindler and Howard Tillotson
  • May: Sheldon Shuper and Jan Valine
  • April: Diane Larez* and Kara Lynn Pomykala
  • March: Donna Wells and Sandra Staples
  • February: Rena Armstrong and Vicki Wright
  • January: Willie Fisher and John Rogolino*




  • December: Sherry Sanbo and Jeanne Baldwin*
  • November: Marilyn Gerhard
  • May: Ron Gabria
  • April: Travis Chastain and Lois Jacobs*
  • March: Beverly White


  • November: Cindy Burke* and Nancy Raley
  • June: Jill Croft


* Also chosen as SCOE Classified Employee of the Year​​

** Also chosen as SCOE Teacher of the Year

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