Community School Program

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The Sacramento County Board of Education established community schools to provide an alternative educational program for students from Sacramento County school districts. Districts may refer students who have been expelled. Students can be referred due to SARB (School Attendance Review Board) recommendations, or a referral from the Sacramento County Probation Department. Parents may also collaborate with districts to jointly refer students to community schools for credit recovery or behavior reasons.

Community schools are mandated by the California Education Code and provide core academics and interventions that are aligned with education standards. In addition, students receive additional support and placement, counseling, and the opportunity for career exploration and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses.

Senior Extension Program

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOESenior Extension Program aims to re-engage students who are in jeopardy of dropping out of high school—or who have been out of school and want to return to complete their graduation requirements. Students receive personalized education plans through SCOE's community schools, allowing them to earn the credits required for graduation. They receive a combination of independent study and classroom work, allowing them to earn credits while still meeting work and family obligations that would have otherwise prevented them from completing their education. Students may refer themselves or be referred to the program by their school district.

CARE Intervention Program

​​The CARE Intervention Program (Community Action for Responsive Education) is a Community School program serving seventh- through tenth-grade students in Sacramento County. The program—a partnership between SCOE and Sacramento County Probation—aims to decrease the high school dropout rate and the number of students referred to juvenile probation.

SCOE ​​Community Schools

  • Elinor Lincoln Hickey Junior/Senior High School
  • Nathaniel S. Colley, Sr. Junior/Senior High School
  • North Area Community School

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