SCOE 21CSLA: Professional Learning Modules

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The SCOE 21CSLA Professional Learning Modules are designed to deepen the knowledge, skills, and capacity of Central Office, Site, and Teacher Leaders to support equitable outcomes for all students. The content offered is designed to complement and support district and site initiatives. Modules engage participants in leadership development for continuous improvement around topics that uniquely impact student learning and outcomes at the local level.

SCOE 21CSLA Professional Learning Modules are being offered at no cost for qualifying applicants. For more information, email


  • Advance leadership knowledge, skills, and behaviors to promote equitable outcomes for all students
  • Learn relevant and current educational trends, research, and policies
  • Connect with job-alike cohorts to strengthen networks of knowledge, tools, and resources
  • Build capacity across district and school systems to scale practices and maximize resources
  • Analyze and use critical data to set goals and track progress

Participant Groups

  • Teacher Leaders: Teachers who primarily work outside the classroom to support other teachers (Instructional Coaches, Department/Committee Chairs, Coordinators, etc.)
  • Site Leaders: Principals and Co-Administrators (Assistant/Vice Principals, Deans, Counselors, etc.)
  • Central Office Leaders: Certificated and Classified District and County Office Administrators (Superintendents, Asst./Assoc. Superintendents, Directors, Coordinators, Program Specialists, etc.)

Professional Learning Modules

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