SCOE 21CSLA: Communities of Practice

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The SCOE 21CSLA Communities of Practice are groups of educational leaders who share a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact on a regular basis. Using continuous improvement principles, communities will interact regularly to focus on shared/individualized problems of practice to learn new and better ways to accomplish their professional and organizational goals.

SCOE 21CSLA Professional Learning Modules are offered at no cost for qualifying applicants.

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  • Use continuous improvement principles to move theory into practice
  • Collaborate with professionals who have a shared interest in improving professional practices
  • Expand knowledge, tools, and resources about a shared problem of practice
  • Develop stronger solutions by including peer perspectives

Participant Groups

  • Teacher Leaders: Teachers who primarily work outside of the classroom to support other teachers (Instructional Coach, TIC/TOSA, Department/Committee Chair, Coordinator, etc.)
  • Site Leaders: Principals and Co-Administrators (Assistant/Vice Principal, Dean, Counselor, etc.)
  • Central Office Leaders: Certificated and Classified District and County Office Administrators (Superintendent, Asst./Assoc. Superintendent, Director, Coordinator, Program Specialist, etc.)