Sub Overview: Community Schools​​​​


​​​​Community schools provide students an opportunity to continue their education and to experience significant positive personal change in their lives. Although the programs focus is on academic success, the development of positive interpersonal skills and positive social interactions with peers and adults are important components of the school's program.

Most of the students educated in the community schools have been referred by their local districts as a condition of meeting their re-admittance requirements following expulsion from school.

A community school's smaller environment and dedicated instructional and support staff also allow each student to benefit from a more personal learning experience.

Students have the opportunity to benefit from enrollment in the general community school class or in the extended-day programs and have the opportunity to enroll in various ROP classes, participate in Work Experience Education, meet with mentors, participate in special field trips, and utilize the services from the Career Success Center for vocational goal setting and career exploration.

School Sites​​

  • CARE Intervention Program Classrooms
    • Center High School (Center Joint Unified)
    • Wilson C. Riles Middle School (Center Joint Unified)
    • W.E. Mitchell Middle School (Folsom Cordova Unified)
    • Sutter Middle School, Folsom (Folsom Cordova Unified)
    • Katherine Johnson Middle School (San Juan Unified)
  • Elinor Lincoln Hickey Jr./Sr. High School
  • Nathaniel Colley Senior High School
  • Natomas Promise Program at Discovery High School
  • North Area Community School
  • Re-Entry Program