Sustainable Environments Learning Academy

Students wearing Palmiter Urban Oasis aprons

​The Sustainable Environments Learning Academy, developed by the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE), promotes food literacy, builds vital career skills, and offers students a cross-curricular learning opportunity combining many subjects (science, math, reading, nutrition, and business).

Culinary Arts Program

Students in the Culinary Arts Program at Leo A. Palmiter Jr./Sr. High School learn to prepare meals, maintain a clean kitchen, and operate a business. They also serve customers in the Culinary Café. Serving lunch to the public most Thursdays from November through May (reservations required), students are focused on the regional "Farm-To-Fork" movement as a component of the Sustainable Environments Learning Academy.

Urban Oasis Project

The Urban Oasis Project teaches horticulture students to build and maintain food gardens. Leo A. Palmiter Jr./Sr. High School and neighboring Elinor Lincoln Hickey Jr./Sr. High School are home to extensive landscaping projects, as well as an organic orchard and vegetable garden. Produce grown by students is included in many of the dishes served at the Culinary Café. Plants and produce are also offered for sale (when available) at the school’s farmers market and employee plant sales at SCOE sites.