SELPA Alternative Dispute Resolution


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides parents and school districts an alternative means of resolving disagreements and disputes that may arise. We have had a very strong success rate of preventing conflicts from going to due process hearings at the state level. The intent of this program is to maintain positive relationships between the student’s family, and efficiently use both human and fiscal resources to support students in our SELPA and the school, as well as to save money for both parties.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) allows the parties in conflict to control and shape their own agreement. Collaborative working relationships between parents and district personnel are not only maintained, but often improved. The Sacramento County ADR program includes:

  • Training for parents and educators on effective communication and collaboration skills
  • IEP meeting facilitation
  • Assisting with Resolution Session meetings prior to a due process hearing
  • Conducting informal mediation sessions


  • Sacramento County SELPA ADR information flyer
  • Sacramento County SELPA ADR family resource manual (pending)
  • Information about SELPA ADR helpline (pending)