Resources During COVID-19


Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Information

Remote Learning During COVID-19

Access to Services

  • CDE COVID Guidance and Resources for Homeless Youth
  • Food Texting Service
    • Text ‘Food’ to 304-304 to find sites near you that are serving free emergency meals to kids and teens 18 years old and under during the pandemic and throughout the summertime.
      • Text ‘Comida’ to 304-304 to find sites in Spanish
    • How it works: Users text ‘FOOD’ or ‘Comida’ to 304-304 and receive a text back prompting them to enter a street address, city, state, and/or zip code for their desired location. While the service is able to return results for inputs that include only city and state and/or zip code, including a full street address will return results that are more accurate. The service then provides information about nearby meal sites, or information about how to access other food resources if no sites are operating in the vicinity.
  • School Meal Pick-up Information
  • Internet Services

Sacramento County Resources

  • Education for Homeless Children and Youth (EHCY) Master Resource List—a tool for homeless liaisons, school staff, families who have access, and any provider of services. Filter by food, shelter, mental health, etc. to reveal a list of resources. A notes section displays COVID-19 details. This is an online spreadsheet, so if another user filtered the document, filters may need to be added/removed to reveal the entire list. While there are additional, localized resources; this is a list for the greater Sacramento area.

Identification Strategies and Student Support

Sacramento COVID-19 Homelessness Response Plan