Homeless Services (Project Teach)


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Project Teach Helps Ensure Student Success

Project Teach promotes the educational success of children experiencing homelessness. The program:

  • informs parents and the community of the education rights of children under the definition of homeless
  • collaborates with school districts, shelters, and agencies
  • connect children, youth, and their families staying in and/or attending school in Sacramento County to local education liaisons
  • coordinates opportunities for agency collaboration
  • provides professional development and referral to community resources
  • supports school of origin, transportation, and connection to early childhood education programs

Is your child missing school because…

  • you move a lot?
  • you live in a shelter or motel?
  • you are on the street or homeless?
  • you don't have a permanent address?

Project Teach, a program at the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE), can help! Free help to keep your child in school, plus connection to transportation assistance, school supplies, and more.

Homeless Liaisons

Sacramento County Resources


Educational Rights Videos

Project Teach has produced instructional videos explaining education rights to families. School districts, shelters, and agencies offering assistance to students experiencing homelessness are encouraged to consider using the following video as they help inform families of education rights of children.