Project SAVE (Safe Alternatives and Violence Education)

Project SAVE is a program for adolescent first-time offenders, ages 10 to 17, who have been involved in violence or weapons possession on or near a school campus. Project SAVE offers alternatives for the less sophisticated offender who acts without thinking or in response to peer pressure, and who is not yet intimately involved in the juvenile justice system. Project SAVE requires parent participation. Youth and their parents or guardians attend a six-hour Saturday class that addresses issues of weapons and violence and provides information and skills related to effective anger management, refusal skills, choices and consequences, and parenting skills.


Eligible Sacramento County students and their parents/guardians. All Sacramento County school districts and SCOE Community Schools may participate.

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Collaborative partners include County Probation Department, County Sheriff's Office, Sacramento City Police Department, Superior and Municipal Courts, Sacramento County School Districts, and community members.