School-Based Mental Health and Wellness Program Details


The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOESchool-Based Mental Health and Wellness program is transforming schools into “Centers of Wellness,” working to place mental health clinicians in every school in the county over the next several years.


Create a continuum of care for mental health and wellness throughout Sacramento County’s education system that will eliminate the school-to-prison pipeline, reduce the number of “system-involved” adults and adolescents, and mitigate the onset and impact of mental health disorders in Sacramento County.


Identify and address the mental health and wellness needs of all students in Sacramento County by placing a mental health professional in every school and creating a system in which all adults understand their role within the school/community/continuum of care.

Expected Outcomes

The program is expected to have many direct impacts, including:

  • Reduced mental health stigma
  • Increased advocacy and commitment to address social justice inequities
  • Increased access to mental health services
  • Improved academic achievement
  • Reduced suspensions
  • Reduced chronic absenteeism
  • Reduced IEP referrals
  • Increased early identification of mental health disorders/indicators (leading to the opportunity to address those concerns)

More broadly, the program will have an impact on the way educators see their role in schools. Some changes in adult behaviors may include:

  • A mindset shift of educators regarding student behaviors related to mental health needs
  • Social-emotional learning will be understood and broadly used as a Tier 1 support by all members of school communities
  • Greater opportunities for collaboration between and among schools
  • An increase in qualified mental health personnel in schools, and who will come to be considered integral partners in the role of the school