Friday Night Live (FNL) and Club Live (CL)

The Friday Night Live and Club Live programs are designed to build leadership skills, provide opportunities for community engagement, and prevent alcohol and drug use among teenagers. School chapters are the core of FNL/CL. Chapter activities are designed to encourage positive peer influence and provide opportunities for youth to build skills, advocate for issues that matter to them, and connect with peers and adults. Staff members from the Prevention & Early Intervention Department at the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) provide support for FNL and CL chapters; community service opportunities; student and advisor trainings; and support; and countywide and regional special events.


Participants include Sacramento County middle school and high school students—and their advisors—from participating Sacramento County school districts.

Publications and Materials​​

Prevention & Early Intervention Department Programs and Services
Published annually, this brochure provides an overview of department programs and services and lists scheduled workshops and meetings. This publication may be requested by phone.

The Latest Word
This monthly newsletter for FNL/CL members and advisors offers information about countywide FNL/CL events and campus activities. Regular features include recognition awards and creative ideas for chapter activities. This publication may be requested by phone.

FNL/CL Summer Events
Published annually, this packet is a resource that provides young people and their families in Sacramento County an extensive list of activities for June through Labor Day. Community events are listed with location, date, time, admission cost, and a short description of the event. Also included are pool schedules, charity run/walks, summer concert information, and community resources such as job websites and crisis hotlines.


The Sacramento County Alcohol and Drug Services, Department of Behavioral Health Services provides the primary source of funding for this program. Partners include California FNL Partnership; district/school personnel; chapter advisors; county government; law enforcement agencies; community-based organizations; businesses; parents, students, and volunteers.