Prevention & Early Intervention

The Prevention & Early Intervention Department (PEI) provides programs, services, and professional development opportunities that address a variety of youth development and prevention education topics. Positive youth development, school safety, violence prevention, suicide prevention, social and emotional learning (SEL), substance abuse prevention, and mental health promotion are some of the focus areas. The department provides workshops and professional development opportunities throughout the year. PEI also facilitates several networks and collaborative groups, including the County Prevention Coordinators Council, the Student Mental Health and Wellness Collaborative, the Sacramento County Coalition for Youth, and the SEL Community of Practice.


Educators, students, parents/guardians/family members, community members, and others interested in prevention education and support services who promote educational and personal success.

Publications and Materials​​

Prevention & Early Intervention Department Programs and Services
Published annually, this brochure provides an overview of department programs and services, listing workshops and meetings. Copies may be requested by phone.


California Department of Education; County Health and Human Services; all Sacramento County school districts; parents, students, educators and community members, and other statewide partners.