Sacramento County READS Literacy Initiative


Sacramento County READS: Rights, Equity, Access, Diversity, Success

The Sacramento County READS initiative is a transformative approach to literacy and reading success. The mission is to foster a collaborative environment of teaching and learning, underpinned by the science of reading, to ensure every learner in our community thrives. Through partnerships, innovative programs, and supportive services, Sacramento County READS is dedicated to making literacy accessible and achievable for all.

The vision is clear—empower all learners in Sacramento County to reach their age- and grade-appropriate reading and literacy milestones, equipping them with the proficiency needed to unlock post-secondary opportunities, gainful employment, and active participation in our community and democracy.

Understanding the complexities of literacy challenges, Sacramento County READS rejects quick fixes in favor of sustainable solutions. The goals are ambitious, yet vital—to build a countywide urgency for improved literacy, connect community leaders and organizations in this cause, establish a collaborative network of educational agencies, and share best practices and resources for maximum impact. Join the initiative in shaping a future where every learner is a confident reader, ready to contribute to society.