Volunteering at the Academic Decathlon


2023 Academic Decathlon

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting event, please register online:

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This premier academic competition for high school students will not be possible without the involvement of many community members volunteering to serve as Test Proctors,  Speech & Interview Judges. We need your help! Here are the types of volunteers we need:

Test Proctor: As a test proctor, you will monitor a room and administer multiple choice tests to a group of decathletes. 
Interview Judge: As an Interview Judge, you will be paired with two other community members and will interview students (similar to a job interview) and score them according to a scoring guide. 

Speech Judge: As a Speech Judge, you will be paired two other community members and will listen to students present speeches and score them according to a scoring guide.
Super Quiz Proctor: As a Super Quiz Proctor, you will be paired with a Decathlon team and will distribute test materials and supervise students during the event.

Super Quiz Photo

Volunteer Materials​

Manuals will be posted in November

  • Arena Test Proctor Handbook
  • Speech Judge Handbook
  • Interview Judge Handbook
  • Super Quiz Proctor Handbook

California Academic Decath​​lon (CAD) Competition

The 2023 California Academic Decathlon competition will take place in March. Sixty five teams from all over California will compete to win the state championship and move on to the National competition. To volunteer for the California Academic Decathlon visit the CAD website.