Payroll Department

The Payroll Department provides a variety of compensation and benefit related services to approximately 650 regular and more than 950 temporary and substitute staff. In addition, the department provides support services to 13 school districts, Los Rios Community College District, and 17 charter schools in Sacramento County—a total of more than 40,000 full-time and part-time employees.

Services include:

  • internal payroll processing
  • Specialized State Teachers' and Public Employees' Retirement Systems report processing
  • federal and state tax payments
  • social security, unemployment and medicare tax payments
  • support for QSS Payroll System users
  • Health and Welfare benefit processing and payments
  • IRS 125 plan maintenance


Partners include the Internal Revenue Service, the State Teachers Retirement System, the Franchise Tax Board, the Public Employees Retirement System, various 403(b) & IRS 125 Agencies, the Employment Development Department, various health benefit agencies, and the Social Security Administration.