SCOE Mission Statement

​The mission of the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE​) is to:

  • ensure that our students are prepared for success in college, career, and community;
  • provide educational leadership to the diverse groups we serve;
  • work creatively and collaboratively with partners; and
  • give educators and support staff the training and tools they need for success.

SCOE carries out its mission and helps ensure that Sacramento County’s nearly one-quarter million K–12 public school students receive quality education services in the following ways.

Preparing Students

SCOE directly operates school sites and programs that provide full-time and part-time instruction for specific student populations in specialized programs that are more effective and less costly to operate on a regional basis. Programs include career technical education; education for incarcerated youth in county facilities; community school class sites for "high risk" students who have been expelled from area schools or who have unique educational needs; and special education classes and programs for infants, children, and young adults with severe emotional and physical needs.

SCOE also provides programs and services that enhance students’ classroom instruction, including youth development, school safety, violence prevention, substance abuse prevention, mental health promotion, and outdoor science learning experiences at Sly Park Environmental Education Center.

Providing Educational Leadership

SCOE provides leadership and support to the county’s public school districts in high priority areas that lead to increased academic achievement for students. Leadership is provided to assist local school districts in: curriculum development; professional learning: reading and math improvement; drug, alcohol, and pregnancy prevention; character education; new administrator and new teacher support; program improvement for low performing schools and districts; assistance with creating safe school environments; and a myriad of other program areas. In addition, under AB 1200, the County Superintendent has fiscal oversight of Sacramento County’s public school districts. Budget assistance, approval and ongoing fiscal monitoring by SCOE staff ensure local school districts conform to state fiscal guidelines and budgeting criteria. Through technical assistance and regular monitoring of school district fiscal transactions, SCOE helps districts maintain fiscal integrity and meet state requirements.

Working Creatively and Collaboratively

SCOE works creatively and cooperatively with students, families, school districts, local universities, public agencies, businesses, stakeholders and communities to prepare students for the future and to help our students, schools, and districts succeed. Dedicated partnerships yield quality services, including effective instruction for specific target populations; assistance with development and approval of individual district Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP); support to new, experienced, and aspiring administrators and teacher leaders; assistance to families through early childhood education programs; support for special education students; assistance in designing and implementing technology to improve student results; and adult re-entry programs specifically designed for men and women re-entering the community upon release from incarceration.

Providing Training and Tools

SCOE’s professional development opportunities support local districts in improving student achievement through high-quality training for administrators, teachers, para-educators, and other staff. The Leadership Institute, a collaboration of SCOE and local school districts, prepares and supports aspiring leaders as well as existing leaders in the Sacramento County and Capital Region. The Institute offers both a Preliminary Administrative Services Credentialing (Tier I) and Clear Administrative Services Credentialing (Tier II). SCOE also operates a two-year, CTC-approved intern program for new teachers—a General Education Multiple Subject and a Single Subject program in math and science to provide second-career professionals and recent graduates a non-traditional pathway into teaching. To support the teaching professional in clearing their preliminary credential, SCOE offers a Teacher Induction Program (formerly known as BTSA) that supports teachers in clearing their multiple-subject and single-subject credentials. In addition, SCOE offers Preliminary Administrative Services Credentialing (Tier I), and Clear Administrative Services Credentialing (Tier II) for aspiring leaders and existing leaders.