SCOE System of Support

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) System of Support is a cross-departmental coordination of our expertise, services, supports and resources purposely designed to align to the needs of our students in Sacramento County.

Our goal is to provide services and support to schools and districts in Sacramento County aligned to their needs (as highlighted by the California School Dashboard) and to ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students.


  1. Updates: Provides up-to-date information on California’s Statewide System of Support
  2. Innovative & Reflective Processing: Serves as a fluid problem-solving think tank on relevant and/or current issues for SCOE 
  3. Professional Learning includes good collaboration, sharing of resources and tools
    1. Internal: Develops a cadre of experts trained in key concepts that can be flexibly deployed to support internal improvement efforts 
    2. External: Ensures that SCOE is offering comprehensive professional learning opportunities that address district needs and countywide data on student outcomes
  4. Data drives deep understanding and decision-making for improvement internally and externally.