SCOE Teacher of the Year Program

SCOE teachers work in unique and specialized situations, educating students in community schools, special education, job training programs, and those who are incarcerated. Teachers work tirelessly with their students (and often the students’ families) in these diverse and frequently challenging assignments.

Since 1988, SCOE has celebrated its teachers and the important work they do by participating in the statewide Teacher of the Year competition, facilitated by the California Department of Education (CDE). SCOE teachers are nominated to compete by parents, staff, management, or their peers. The nominees go through a selection process, answering written questions and being interviewed by a selection committee. Teachers report that this process helps them see their many accomplishments. They come away with a renewed sense of dedication and a reminder of why they entered the teaching profession.

One of the SCOE teacher nominees is selected to move on to the countywide Teacher of the Year competition where two teachers from Sacramento County are selected to compete at the state level. Five California Teachers of the Year are selected—one of whom goes on to compete at the national level.