Sacramento County Office of Education Operation Recognition

Sacramento County Office of Education Operation Recognition logo with WWII US servicemen

Presenting Diplomas to Those Unable to Complete High School Due to World War II, Korean War, or Vietnam War

Sacramento County residents whose high school education was interrupted during World War II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War due to military service and/or internment have an opportunity to receive belated high school diplomas.


Sacramento County Operation Recognition diplomas are authorized by California Education Code § 51430–§ 51442. Similar programs have been implemented across California and in other states. Operation Recognition was adopted unanimously by the Sacramento County Board of Education at its October 16, 2001, meeting. Through the program, an individual who left high school to serve in the U.S. military during WW II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War may apply to receive a high school diploma. Proof of military service and honorable discharge must be shown in order to be eligible (DD Form 214 preferred).

Operation Recognition also presents diplomas to Japanese-American citizens who left high school for reason of internment in a WW II relocation camp. To be eligible for a diploma, the individual must show proof of having been interned in a relocation camp during the period of December 7, 1941–December 31, 1946.

Diploma recipients must be current or former residents of Sacramento County. A diploma may be awarded posthumously to the honoree’s next of kin.

Apply for a Diploma

Those interested in receiving an Operation Recognition diploma application should call (916) 228-2416.