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Board Recognizes December 2011 Employees of the Month

The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) is one of 58 county offices located throughout the state. Approximately 650 regular and more than 950 temporary and substitute SCOE staff work year-round providing services which complement and supplement those offered by public school districts in Sacramento County. Over 230,000 K-12 students are served by public schools in Sacramento County.

December 2011 Classified Employees of the Mon​th

Para-Educators Jeannette Kekahuna Sanchez and Krishneel Lal were nominated as a team by Principal Beth Vieira for their contributions to the Special Education Department of the Sacramento County Office of Education. Mr. Lal and Ms. Kekahuna Sanchez work together in SCOE's middle school autism class located on the campus of Wilson C. Riles Middle School in the Center Joint Unified School District. The students whom they and teacher Marsha Cornwell serve represent a wide range of backgrounds, interests and abilities.  Their supervisor reports that the success of SCOE's autism program at Wilson C. Riles can partially be attributed to the commitment shown by Mr. Lal and Ms. Kekahuna Sanchez. Mr. Lal exhibits a calm demeanor on a consistent basis that lends to positive responses from students. Additionally, Mr. Lal volunteers his time after school coaching in the school district's football program. This has provided an opportunity for one of the students in the autism class to experience what it is to be a successful part of the football team. Ms. Kekahuna Sanchez demonstrates flexibility and positive teamwork, enabling students to maximize their skills in the general student population at Wilson C. Riles. She supports and participates with the students in their classes, even as far as learning to play the clarinet in music class. Teacher Marsha Cornwell relies on the teamwork Mr. Lal and Ms. Kekahuna Sanchez offer, and values their input regarding the students they support in the general student population. Both staff members, she reports, are dependable and professional in their duties. "Kris and Jeannette make suggestions and keep me informed on students' daily progress," Ms. Cornwell says. "It is truly a team effort, establishing student goals." Ms. Kekahuna Sanchez has been a Sacramento County Office of Education employee since September 2002. Mr. Lal has been a SCOE employee since September 2003.

December 2011 Certific​​ated Employee of the Month

Marsha Cornwell, Teacher of the Severely Handicapped (SH), was nominated by Principal Beth Vieira for her contributions to the Special Education Department of the Sacramento County Office of Education. Ms. Cornwell teaches students in SCOE's autism program located on the campus of Wilson C. Riles Middle School in the Center Joint Unified School District. The autism class at Wilson C. Riles has a diverse set of students, each of whom requires a unique program. Ms. Cornwell has established an elaborate and detailed schedule in order to provide support in the least restrictive environment for all her students. She has developed strong working relationships with the Wilson C. Riles staff in order to facilitate as many opportunities as possible within the general education population for her special education students. As a result, Ms. Cornwell, her staff and students are active participants in all activities at Wilson C. Riles. Prior to working in the autism program, she worked with students experiencing emotional challenges. Her supervisor reports, "Ms. Cornwell has made the transition to the autism class gracefully and brings enthusiasm and excitement to learning. She is inspired to discover as much as possible concerning her students and their disabilities." Ms. Cornwell's ability to balance compassion and sensitivity with student accountability makes her a valued asset to the autism program. Concludes her supervisor, "Ms. Cornwell is an excellent teacher. She is well-rounded, providing a structured and organized classroom environment. She applies consistent teaching techniques and establishes high, yet reasonable standards for her students. Ms. Cornwell is an inspiration to others through her ongoing commitment and dedication." Ms. Cornwell has been employed by SCOE since August 1980.

About SCOE's Employee Recognition Program

Sacramento County Board of Education celebrates the accomplishments and exemplary service of SCOE employees through the Employees of the Month Program. Parents, colleagues, and community members wishing to recommend a non-management staff member for consideration as a SCOE Employee of the Month may submit a nomination form. For questions about the program, please e-mail or phone Cathy Sapunor: (916) 228-2416.

Jeannette Sanchez and Brian Cooley

December Classified Employee of the Month Jeannette Kekahuna Sanchez with Board Trustee Brian Cooley.

Greg Geeting and Krishneel Lal

December Classified Employee of the Month Krishneel Lal with Board Trustee Greg Geeting.

Brian Rivas and Marsha Cornwell

December Certificated Employee of the Month Marsha Cornwell with Board Trustee Brian Rivas.