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Board Recognizes March 2008 Employees of the Month

​The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) is one of 58 county offices located throughout the state. Approximately 650 regular and more than 950 temporary and substitute SCOE staff work year-round providing services that complement and supplement those offered by public school districts in Sacramento County.

Classified Employees of the Month Team

Para-educators Medina Akers, Deborah Mejia and Jim Welliver and teacher Bernadette Kerwin were nominated as a team by Principal Lauren Roth for their contributions to the Special Education Department of the Sacramento County Office of Education.

Medina Akers is an important team member of SCOE's Young Adult Program situated on the California State University, Sacramento, campus. She has worked with teacher Bernadette Kerwin for the past year, providing support services to young adults with disabilities. Ms. Akers is very positive, patient, and understanding of her students. As an instructional team member, she is encouraging, respectful, and always professional. In addition to working as a para-educator she is enrolled in Speech and Language Pathology at CSUS and is a Medi-Cal Assistant for SCOE. Ms. Akers has been employed by the Sacramento County Office of Education since September 2006.

Deborah Mejia has worked in SCOE's Special Education Young Adult Program for over two years and joined the team with Medina Akers, Jim Welliver, and Bernadette Kerwin approximately two years ago. According to her supervisor, "Deborah is a very conscientious employee who is always thinking of what is best for the students. She always brings her positive and pleasant energy to the classroom each day." Ms. Mejia has been employed by the Sacramento County Office of Education since November 2006.

Jim Welliver has worked at SCOE's CSUS Young Adult Program for the past year. Previously, he worked in various SCOE programs serving students with special needs. His supervisor says, "Jim is dependable, hard-working, and always goes above and beyond. If there is a task to be asked of Jim, he is more than willing to step in and take responsibility. He thinks of students first, actively coaching and mentoring them for success." Mr. Welliver has been employed by the Sacramento County Office of Education since September 1971.

Certificated Employee of the Month

Bernadette Kerwin, in partnership with her team of para-educators, teaches young adults ages 18-22 years who have special needs. She works in SCOE's SH (Severely Handicapped) program located at CSUS. Her focus is on connecting the students to the university and the surrounding community. Students perform work duties and learn to ride the transit system in order to gain more independency and confidence. They also participate in leisure and recreation activities, such as tennis and jogging. Her supervisor says, "Bernadette is an excellent advocate for her students, educating others regarding her students' strengths and unique needs, and having them actively participate in campus activities and work in reprographics department, the dining commons, and assisting with SCOE's Project TEACH. Ms. Kerwin has worked diligently to build relationships with the university's instructors and campus personnel. She is exceptional in communicating closely with students' families, outside support agencies, and adult programs so that the transition to life after school's completion is stress-free and successful." Her supervisor observes her as both a life-long learner who consistently gathers resources to share with families and colleagues, and as a wonderful mentor to other teachers and staff. She continually makes adjustments to improve her program, and is an exemplary teacher, leader, and team player. Ms. Kerwin has been employed by the Sacramento County Office of Education since January 1997. Concludes Ms. DeMenno's supervisor, "Michelle has been a key person in the growth and development of the academic program at Carson Creek. She seeks out and participates in professional development, always looking for a new angle to interest the students." Ms. DeMenno has been employed by the Sacramento County Office of Education since September 1983.

Deborah Mejia, Medina Akers, Lauren Roth, and Jim Welliver

Principal Lauren Roth with March Classified Employees of the Month (L-R with plaques): Deborah Mejia, Medina Akers, and Jim Welliver.​​