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Board Recognizes January 2008 Employees of the Month

SCOE Employee Recognition logotype

​The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) is one of 58 county offices located throughout the state. Approximately 650 regular and more than 950 temporary and substitute SCOE staff work year-round providing services that complement and supplement those offered by public school districts in Sacramento County.

Classified Employee of the Month

Jan Maltzan, a Physical/Occupational Therapist, was nominated by Special Projects Director Gary Scott Johnson for her contributions to the Infant Development Program of the Sacramento County Office of Education. Ms. Maltzan acts as a support resource to families, staff and associated agencies regarding the program needs of students ages birth to three receiving special education services through SCOE's Infant Development Program. She supports families and their children receiving early intervention services by providing therapy and instruction directed toward specific goals to enhance the child's sensory system, gross and fine motor capabilities and functional adaptive skills. She develops motor focused interventions to assist the child in the home, in the community and in settings where typically developing peers are located. She actively assists in determining the child's adaptive equipment needs utilizing orthotics, splints, customized toys and movement equipment to promote the child's independence in various settings. Ms. Maltzan works in an area of Sacramento where much of the population is non-English speaking and there is a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. She enjoys and embraces the different traditions of each culture and respects the practices of each family. Much of the geographic area in which she works is economically challenged. Her supervisor says, "When providing services in the home setting, it takes great creativity and sensitivity to utilize resources and materials that are found in the home. It also requires an understanding and a respect for the family's cultural traditions and how they view caring for and raising a child with special needs. Jan enjoys the challenges in assisting, educating and empowering the very unique families she serves. In all occasions, Jan offers exceptional support and meaningful services in a kind and caring manner." Ms. Maltzan has been employed by the Sacramento County Office of Education since July 1996.

Certificated Employee of the Month

Johanna Gorski, a Language, Speech and Hearing Specialist, was nominated by Principal Mary Jo Johnson for her contributions to the Special Education Department of the Sacramento County Office of Education. Ms. Gorski uses her expertise to help students with various disabilities find a way to communicate with others in the manner that works best for them. Her supervisor says, "There are times when Johanna seems to be a miracle worker because she has been able to help a student-who could notspeak at all-learn to verbally express his needs and carry on a short conversation. She provides guidance and leadership to IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) teams by serving as a Teacher-In-Charge for SCOE's south area programs. She is knowledgeable in the IEP process and can facilitate a meeting to reach a consensus on what is best for the student." She is regarded as a lifelong learner, becoming knowledgeable in augmentative communication devices and patiently working with students to find just the right device to enable them to communicate with family members, staff and peers on campus. Ms. Gorski shares her expertise with the classroom staff and the student's family so that a student's communication needs can truly be met. Her supervisor reports, "In addition to the professional skills Johanna has to offer, she is a warm and caring person who can communicate well with parents, helping them to better understand their child. She is an asset to every team of which she is a member." Ms. Gorski has been employed by the Sacramento County Office of Education since September 1992.

John Scribner, Jan Maltzan

Trustee John C. Scribner presents a plaque of recognition to January ​Classified Employee of the Month Jan Maltzan.

Johanna Gorski, Harlod Fong

January Certificated Employee of the Month Johanna Gorski receives a plaque of r​ecognition from Trustee Harold Fong.