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Board Recognizes October 2007 Employees of the Month

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​The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) is one of 58 county offices located throughout the state. Approximately 650 regular and more than 950 temporary and substitute SCOE staff work year-round providing services that complement and supplement those offered by public school districts in Sacramento County.

Classified Employees of the Month Team

Mary Johnson, a para-educator, was nominated by Principal Sharon Holstege for her contributions to the Sacramento County Office of Education. Ms. Johnson is an integral member of SCOE's Preschool Special Education Program. She has worked with teacher Janelle Gee for more than 15 years, providing steady and compassionate services to children and families. Her supervisor says, "Mary is a very dependable, reliable Para-Educator who enjoys the students with whom she works. She takes pleasure in their progress. Mary is very supportive and understanding of parents. I have seen her take parents who were nervous about their child starting preschool and in her calm, competent manner assure them and demonstrate to them that their child would be taken care of." Ms. Johnson has been employed by the Sacramento County Office of Education since July 1988.

Cherie Weldon, a para-educator, was nominated by Principal Sharon Holstege. Ms. Weldon worked in SCOE's Special Education Preschool Program for over 10 years and joined forces with Janelle Gee and Mary Johnson about two years ago. According to her supervisor, "Cherie is a very conscientious employee who is always thinking of what is best for students and for the program. She brings many gifts to our preschool program including skills in sign language and a 'can do' attitude in all things. Cherie is always willing to assist others and give of her time and energy." Ms. Weldon has been employed by the Sacramento County Office of Education since March 1990.

Certificated Employee of the Month

Janelle Gee, a preschool special education teacher, was nominated by Principal Sharon Holstege. With team members Mary Johnson and Cherie Weldon, she supports children with special needs. Working out of two SCOE Preschool Special Education sites—Mather Head Start and Hiram Johnson Head Start—Ms. Gee is known for rising to any challenge. Last school year, she had in her care several students whose IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings were extremely complex. Her supervisor says, "At the conclusion of summer school, each one of those families left the preschool program after summer school singing praises about Janelle and SCOE's program. Janelle had transformed a situation where parents were frightened and distrustful into a situation in which parents felt so comfortable that they were recruiting other families into the Preschool Program." Her supervisor continues, "Janelle is very supportive of families. An example is when she heard that some of her families expressed that they would like a program 'closer to their house.' Janelle went to work to find additional Head Start programs that might be available for those students. Janelle is a team player and it is very appropriate to acknowledge her with her two para-educators." Janelle Gee has been employed by the Sacramento County Office of Education since November 1977.