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Board Recognizes September 2005 Employees of the Month

SCOE Employee Recognition logotype

​The Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) is one of 58 county offices located throughout the state. Approximately 650 regular and more than 950 temporary and substitute SCOE staff work year-round providing services that complement and supplement those offered by public school districts in Sacramento County.

Classified Employee of the Month

Karen Basurto-Atteberry, a staff secretary, was nominated by Child Welfare and Attendance Administrator Joe Taylor for her contributions to the Sacramento County Office of Education. Ms. Basurto-Atteberry works half-time with Court/Community Schools and half-time with Child Welfare and Attendance Programs. In this capacity, she provides clerical support for SCOE's Court/Community School program and assists the Director lll with major projects. She is also responsible for clerical support for the staff of SCOE's Bowling Day Reporting Center. Her support of Child Welfare and Attendance involves working with all 16 local school districts as well as governmental departments such as Probation, Human Assistance, the District Attorney's Office, Child Protective Services, Mental Health and various resource agencies. Ms. Basurto-Atteberry is highly regarded by school district staff and civic leaders — not just in the county, but in the region and throughout the state — for her cheerful manner and attention to detail. Ms. Basurto-Atteberry contributes in other ways to SCOE, including serving as a valuable member of the organization's annual Employee Recognition Day planning team. Her supervisor says, "Karen's support and tenacity are great assets to the operation of the Court/Community School Program and Child Welfare and Attendance Program. Staff in both the Court/Community School Program and the Child Welfare and Attendance Program agree you couldn't have a better choice than Karen for Classified Employee of the Month!" Ms. Basurto-Atteberry has been employed by the Sacramento County Office of Education since December 1999.

Certificated Employee of the Month

Jonathon Freer, a teacher, was nominated by Principal Brett Loring for his contributions to the Sacramento County Office of Education. Mr. Freer teaches science at SCOE's Carson Creek Jr.-Sr. High School campus located at Sacramento County Boys Ranch. His supervisor reports, "Jonathon is energetic and enthusiastic about his teaching. You can tell he enjoys working with his students. He believes that what he is doing will make a difference in the lives of the students that he works with. This energy comes from within his core being — it is not something that he conjures up daily so he can receive a paycheck. He is following a vision. His creative approach to teaching is very apparent through his lessons and in his extra-curricular activities for the students. As such he is an example for other teachers to follow." Mr. Freer's hands-on approach to learning engages his students on many levels. A recent lesson, which involved sprouting seeds, will eventually culminate in the construction of a school garden. He has established a collaborative effort — the Erastothenes Project — with a school located out of the state to scientifically measure the circumference of the earth. As a relatively new teacher, Mr. Freer is an active participant in the SCOE-operated BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assistance) program. His work at Carson Creek Jr.-Sr. High School also benefits from his participation in professional growth seminars in student behavior management, curriculum planning and educational technology. Mr. Freer has been employed by SCOE since August 2004.

Victoria Deane, Karen Basurto-Atteberry

September 2005 Classified Employee of the Month Karen Basurto-Atteberry (right) receives her certificate of recognition from County Board of Education trustee Victoria L. Deane.

John C. Scribner, Jonathon Freer, and Brett Loring

Jonathon Freer, September 2005 Certificated Employee of the Month (center), is presented with a certificate of recognition by County Board of Education trustee John C. Scribner (left) and Principal Brett Loring.