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Welcome to Office 365 for SCOE staff. Click below to log into your SCOE Webmail account. You may wish to bookmark the next (login) page for quick access. (Supported Browsers.)
Be sure to enter your full e-mail address when you log in.

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If you have questions, encounter problems with Office 365, or need assistance installing optional software on your desktop computer or mobile devices, please contact the Computer, Network & Telecommunication Support (CNTS) Department: (916) 228-2363 or

Need to change or reset your password? Click here for more information.

Information and Training Resources

General Webmail Help Guides

Links to training materials and videos teaching how to use SCOE Webmail (Office 365).

Migrating your FirstClass Calendar and Contacts

The below PDF guides will walk you through how to export your calendar and contact items from FirstClass and import them into your new email account. Please note that you will need the Windows version of Outlook 2013 to import your Calendar items into your new email account. The CNTS Department will schedule "migration dates" in the DPMEC computer lab for staff who have Macintosh computers or just need help migrating their information. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the CNTS technical support staff member who supports your department or call our main line at 916-228-2363.

Desktop Outlook Software (Advanced) Help Guides

For users requiring advanced features not offered by Office 365 Webmail, the CNTS Department can install and configure the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook on your local computer. Links below point to helpful support materials from Microsoft for users of the desktop Outlook software.


Mac OS

Changing Your Password

Your SCOE Webmail password should be the same password you use to log into your computer on a SCOE network. If you are using the same password but can't log in, you may need to reset your password using the SCOE Change Password Website (read more below).

Passwords must be at least eight characters long, meet defined complexity standards, and be changed annually. At least three of these four items are required to be part of your password: uppercase character, lowercase character, number, or special character.

Tip: Consider a complex phrase for your password or substituting numbers for letters in a word such as: L3tsgoHav3fun!

Use one of the options below to change your password...


  1. Hold the CTRL and ALT keys and press the DELETE key on your keyboard. (A menu should pop up.)
  2. Choose "Change a password..." from the menu, enter your existing password and then your new one.

Mac OS

  1. If your Macintosh is on the SCOE network, choose Apple menu > System Preferences and click Accounts.
  2. Click Change Password and follow the directions.
  3. If you change your password but still can't log into SCOE Webmail then your Macintosh user account is probably not the same as your SCOE network account. You should then use the SCOE Change Password link below to change your password.

If your computer isn't on SCOE's network, you have a laptop, or your password doesn't work after changing it, use the below link.

  1. Use the SCOE Password Website to choose a new password.



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