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Sacramento County Office of Education Sacramento County Office of Education

Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) Monitor

​​​​Curriculum/Instruction and Research

​​Primary Contact

Jan Mayer, Director
(916) 228-2619 or 228-2402

The QEIA Monitor provides technical assistance to Sacramento County schools and districts that participate in QEIA. Assistance is available for the QEIA requirements including: class size reduction, teacher experience index, highly qualified teachers, professional development, high school counselor ratios, Williams settlement requirements and API growth. The final year of funding for QEIA will be the 2014-15 school year.

Resources for districts receiving QEIA funds​ are available from CDE. Technical assistance questions may be e-mailed to Mark Calonico.​


QEIA Designated Schools in Sacramento County

Publications and Material​​s

​California Department of Education QEIA Site
Official CDE information site for QEIA schools

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