In the early 1850's Peter Winkelman moved from Missouri to California. He owned most of the land along what is now known as Pleasant Grove School Road in Elk Grove. This property was located in the San Joaquin Township of Sacramento County. Peter Winkelman donated some of this property for a school and cemetery . The school was built in 1859 and was called San Joaquin #4. In 1863 the school's name was changed to Pleasant Grove School. The Cemetery is located next to the Pleasant Grove School. It was known as the Sheldon Cemetery because of the area where it was located. Jared Sheldon had obtained a large land grant in this area from the Mexican government and the community was referred to as '' Sheldon''. We do not know exactly when the Cemetery's name was changed to the Pleasant Grove Cemetery. We do know that in the early 1930's it was still known as the Sheldon Cemetery.

The Cemetery is on approximately 1.8 acres and is divided into two sections. The older section is located toward the back of the Cemetery grounds. There are no burials allowed in this section any longer since there are several ''unknown'' and ''unmarked'' grave sites. The front part of the Cemetery has only recently been open for new burials. It is unclear exactly when the first burial at the cemetery took place, however, it was probably sometime around 1864 or 1865.

Very few records were kept as to who was buried at the Cemetery . All the information that we have obtained has been from headstones and obituary research. Prior to 1980 the care and maintenance of the cemetery, was done by the students of Pleasant Grove School. After that time, the upkeep of the Cemetery was done by the Elk Grove - Cosumnes Cemetery District. In 1996 the Cemetery District began a major renovation and beautification project for the Cemetery.

Our community is very proud of the history that surrounds our area. This Cemetery and the people buried there are a part of that history. We hope that this web site will help keep that part of our history alive for future generations.